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Use our granules in your existing machines and moulds.
Become plastic free and sustainable without capital investment

Ibanss Textile Material applications

Textile Materials

Directly make compostable non woven textiles and fibers of bamboo


Sanitary Pads

Personal Hygiene Products

Home and Kitchen Textiles

Compostable Polyester and Nylon fibers

Blends with Cotton for making Yarn

Compostable Planter Bags for Nursery

Injection Moulding

Directly use for injection moulding

Tailor made properties of granules based on your process and product requirements


Household daily use articles

Disposable tableware

Compostable plastic free products of bamboo

Planters of Bamboo for Nursery

Injection Moulding
Blow Moulding application

Blow Moulding

With right barrier properties as in PET bottles, use these compostable granules to make your brand compliant with pollution control norms


Aerated and Non Aerated Beverage packaging

Food Packaging Jars

Pharmaceutical Packaging

FMCG Packaging Bottles

Film Drawing

Our film grade granules can be used to draw films for various packaging applications like lamination, boxes, containers, sealing etc.

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